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AdBlue In Diesel Fuel Specialist


Solutions for acidentally AdBlue in diesel fuel tank

It's crucial to act quickly to minimize the risk of damage to the vehicle's engine and fuel system. If you're unsure about what to do, call our expert advisers for a quick and efficient help.

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

AdBlue in diesel tank

What To Do If You Acidentally Added AdBlue To The Fuel Tank

Don't start the engine with AdBlue in the diesel tank

Avoid starting the engine, as this could potentially cause damage. AdBlue is not a fuel and can lead to engine problems if used as one.​

Do not start the engine:


Don't drive the car with AdBlue in the diesel tank

Driving the vehicle with AdBlue in the diesel tank can lead to engine damage.​

Do not drive the vehicle:


Contact us if AdBlue in the diesel tank

We can assess the situation, drain the incorrect fluid, and flush the system if necessary.

Contact us for immediate repair:


We drain the contaminated fuel if AdBlue in diesel tank

We need to drain the contaminated diesel and AdBlue mixture from the tank. Additionally, we may need to flush the fuel system to remove any remaining AdBlue.

Drain and flush the fuel system:


Fuel filter filled with AdBlue

Depending on the extent of contamination, it might be necessary to replace the fuel filters to ensure that any residual AdBlue is removed from the system.​

Replace the fuel filter:


Damage check if adblue in diesel tank

The technician should inspect the fuel system components to identify any potential damage caused by the AdBlue. This may include checking the fuel injectors, fuel lines, and other relevant parts.

Check for potential damage:


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